What I’ve learned about money so far

In the realm of Christianity, it seems the topic of money is a difficult conversation to have.  There are those who passionately believe there is virtue in being poor, not concerning oneself with learning how to make money.  They believe anyone who has money must be less spiritual than they, and they look down on those with money as greedy, dishonest or worldly people, not concerned with the things of God.

There are others who passionately believe that a loving God desires for His children to have plenty of money, along with excellent health and a good life, and those with this viewpoint often look down on the poor, claiming that sin in their life is what’s keeping them from being wealthy, or that they are lazy people always looking for a handout.

Knowing both poor and wealthy people, the truth, I believe, is somewhere in the middle.

As a follower of Jesus, if I am to gain a proper perspective on money, I must look to what Jesus had to say about the topic of money, both in His own words & actions, and also through the words of those who came before and after Him in the Biblical story.

It’s interesting because Jesus spent more time talking to people about money than any other topic, so it must have been important to Him.  The reason I believe it was important to Him is because the way people handle their money is a direct reflection of the condition of their heart.

Here is a short list of what I’ve learned over the years from the Bible regarding money, and I will be going through each one in more detail in future posts:

  1. Money is not evil; I am.
  2. Making money is a skill to be learned; I must choose to do the work.
  3. My life is always dependent upon God; how much money I have won’t change that.
  4. God is most concerned about what I choose to do with the money He has allowed me to earn; I must be concerned with the same.
  5. Generosity is critical for me to be healthy spiritually; I must be generous with whatever I have.

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