Griggs Family RV Trip – Days 19 and 20

Monday was our only full day in Philadelphia and before I spent the day working, Tammy & I got up early, went for a good walk and did a little workout before getting ready for the day. We’ve been making it a routine to get Tiger out for a long walk in the morning and actually use the dumbbells we brought with us. We’ve also been doing a much better job of eating healthy on this trip, and our goal is to actually come home in better shape than when we left. So far, so good.

Beautiful view of the Delaware River from Battery Park, New Castle, Delaware

The girls were going to spend the day outside, riding bikes and taking Tiger outside to play in the large dog park, but with the temperatures reaching the mid-90s with humidity hovering above 80%, Tammy couldn’t get them out of the RV for anything but a trip to the swimming pool. We have found that staying at KOA campgrounds typically provide the best amenities, including great places to walk, clean bathrooms and showers, and pretty nice pools.

Battery Park in New Castle, Delaware, was a wonderful park, and the sunset was gorgeous that night.

After swimming, the girls cleaned up, and then we headed out for the night to make the 30-minute drive to Delaware, the first state admitted to the new union, to check out New Castle and Wilmington. One of our goals is to get the girls to all 50 states before they graduate high school, and since we’re this close, we had to make the trip. We started with a picnic dinner at New Castle Battery Park, which had a beautiful view of the Delaware River, but the geese poop was non-stop, making our blanket worthless. Not only that, but Tiger loves geese poop, which I still can’t wrap my head around. What is it that makes geese poop desirable to dogs?

Old dock foundation

We finally found a spot with minimal droppings, and it was near a concrete square that was the perfect seat for the girls, so we quickly enjoyed our PB&J’s, went on a nice long walk around the park, and then drove through the historic part of town, which had some beautiful, 18th century buildings, many of which were in the same condition as they were in the 18th century. New Castle was a thriving port city in the early days of the British colonies, as well as for the state of Delaware after the American Revolutionary War, and the old port docks can still be seen during low tide.

18th-century style buildings in New Castle

After New Castle, we made the 20-minute drive north to Wilmington, the largest city in Delaware and home to several major financial institutions, like Chase, Barclays & Bank of America. We didn’t have much time, but we noticed Wilmington had a wonderful Riverside area with restaurants and shops, but it was much smaller than we anticipated. Turns out Delaware is the 6th least populated state with just under 1 million residents, and it’s the second smallest state by area, but I still thought Wilmington was similar in size to Baltimore or Pittsburgh.

More 18th-century style buildings.

We made our way back to the RV in time to play a quick game of monopoly, which has become the girls favorite game on the road. After an hour of playing, we counted up our cash and our properties, and Naomi came out on top…AGAIN! She seems to win most of the games we play, which is kind of annoying since she’s the youngest. Although the girls don’t play sports, they both can be quite competitive when the games come out, and it’s one more aspect to them growing up that I enjoy seeing. I hope we are always a game-playing family.

Playing monopoly in the RV is one of our favorite things to do on the road.

Tuesday was a travel day from Philadelphia to New York, so we got up early to head out so I could drive. In order to make this trip a success so that I can continue to work, we have a driving schedule based on the day and time we’re traveling. If it’s during working hours, Tammy takes the wheel, which is quite impressive. Otherwise, I’m driving, which includes early mornings, evenings or on the weekends.

We left at 8am, and I drove for an hour, and then Tammy took the wheel to get us into Jersey City. After parking temporarily at Liberty State Park, the girls took Tiger for a walk and got their first look at the Statue of Liberty, as well as the New York skyline of Lower Manhattan. I had a webinar to host with one of our top sales reps, Hunter Bell, so Tammy & the girls took the car and did a little sightseeing and shopping. They returned after grabbing some lunch, and then we drove over to Liberty Harbor RV Park to set up camp for the next seven days. After work, Hannah & I headed to the laundry facility to start some laundry, and there was a woman in there who was on the same trip with her family that we are. As we listed all of our stops, she was nodding her head and said they would be a few days ahead of us. I imagine there’s a good chance there are hundreds of families taking the exact same trip this summer. Hannah & I headed into town to pick up some more quarters in order to finish the laundry, and I was able to catch my first view of lower Manhattan as the setting sun hit the sky scrapers, including the Freedom Tower.

The girls first view of the Statue of Liberty
The girls first view of the New York skyline.
The New York skyline with the setting son hitting the glass buildings.

We finished the laundry and brought it back to the RV to fold, which is Tiger’s favorite thing. We throw the warm clothes on the bed, he jumps in the middle, gets comfortable and then we all gather around to fold our clothes and put them away. One thing that is nice about being on the road is that everybody pitches in a little more than normal to make it work. It’s amazing how quick an RV can collect dirt and get disorganized, so it takes everyone to keep it clean and in order.

Folding laundry on the road is a little different than at home, but Tiger still loves it!

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