Understanding your “why” makes your “how” simple

There is beauty in clarity, but life often muddies the waters making it difficult to see who you really are and what you are meant to do with your life.

When I stepped out of education and ministry three years ago, I immediately lost any sense of purpose I had developed in my life. Instead, I found myself looking for a job in a new field with no experience just hoping someone would take a chance on me.

Fast forward three years later, and I had successfully transitioned to the world of business as a sales professional. I enjoyed the competition among our team and the challenge of presenting the value of our products and services to potential customers, but something was missing.

It occurred to me during a round of golf with a good friend a couple of months ago that my life, although appearing successful in all measurable accounts, was lacking purpose. This void was causing me to contemplate a variety of other opportunities with no genuine commitment to any of them. In my mind, I was a dreamer, a wonderer, with no direction in life.

As we strolled down the 10th fairway, my friend told me his story, and he said that when he took some time to discover his purpose in life, his “why”, figuring out his “how” became easy. As a result, his commitment naturally flowed to the “how” he had chosen because it was simply a vehicle to help him achieve his “why”.

Leaving the golf course that day, I decided to take my friend’s advice and commit myself to discovering my “why”. What I found was that my “why” hasn’t changed just because I left education and ministry. It was still there, just as strong as ever, and now I just needed a new vehicle to help me achieve my “why”, which is simply to lead others to¬†optimal health through a passion and commitment to excellence each day.

Maybe you find yourself today in the place I was three years ago, searching for what you will do with your life. May I suggest to you, as my friend did to me, that you take some time alone to discover your “why”. When you do, your “how” will spring up before your very eyes and seem obvious, as if it had been there all along.

***Note: to learn more about how I am achieving my “why” and how you can be a part of it, click this link.

2 thoughts on “Understanding your “why” makes your “how” simple

  1. I love reading people’s stories about how they found their “why”. I am involved with a team of online marketers and finding you “why” is really at the forefront of this business.
    Great to hear you are using your “why” to lead people into optimal health.

    1. Thanks for the kind words and for reading my blog, Kristin. I appreciate the encouragement, and I hope you will consider subscribing to my blog! There’s more to come…

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