Change starts in your heart but finishes in your head

Change always starts in the heart. It’s an emotional decision people make to get out of an undesirable situation, whether it involves a relationship, a job, or a person’s health. This is why people are good starters. They start a new routine, make new resolutions, start a new diet, begin a new job.

The problem is that most people never move beyond the emotional pull to change, and the result is that most people struggle finishing what they’ve started. Once they feel better about the situation, they suddenly become less interested in continuing the process of change.

Consider a person who is sick and tired of being broke. They make a decent income, but there always seems to be more month at the end of the money. So they put the credit cards on the shelf, schedule a family meeting, and put together a budget to get control of their finances.

But after a few months, with savings in the bank, the emotional disgust of being broke subsides, and they start using their credit cards and ignoring the budget. Before they know it, the savings is gone and they are right back where they started.

This is why some people are perpetual dieters. They hate being overweight and out of shape, so they go on the newest latest greatest diet fad, lose enough weight to feel better, and then they slowly give up on the diet. Studies show that over 85% of people who lose weight on a diet gain it all back in less than two years.

So what happens? What causes someone to be ultra-motivated one month and then less-than-interested the next? It’s called circumstantial motivation, which is a big-word way of saying the desire for change never moves from a person’s heart to their head.

This is what I love about what I do. Having been a client of the program, I experienced first-hand the process of lasting change that started in my heart and is continuing to reprogram the way I think. The results speak loud and clear: I lost 40 pounds in less than three months, and I’ve kept it off for over a year now. Not only has my physical health improved, but my success has spilled over into my finances, which are becoming more stable and solid, and my relationships are stronger. It’s all the result of training my mind to think differently. Learning new habits of health and surrounding myself with like-minded people has completely transformed the way that I live.

Now I have the privilege of walking others through this process, and it is more amazing for me to watch others experience this life change than when I experienced it myself.

If you are feeling like it’s time to change for good, I’d love the opportunity to help move that desire from your heart to your head, because real, lasting change always starts in your heart but it finishes in your head.

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