The 5-Star Life part 3: relational strength

The health of your relationships is directly proportional to the level of your success.

Show me someone who has an exorbitant amount of success, and I’ll show you someone who has strong relationships, both at home and at work. The reason is simple: healthy relationships indicate your ability to communicate effectively and to forgive. In all relationships, two sinful people are trying to co-exist, and this requires a heathy amount of grace and forgiveness to not try to kill each other at some point.

Here are three things you can start doing today to put your relationships on the path to successful, balanced living:

1. Communicate effectively by managing expectations. Most people in relationships are upset for one of two reasons: someone didn’t communicate what’s going on, or someone gave them poor expectations regarding a situation. You can alleviate both of these problems by engaging in regular communication with the people around you and giving them the proper expectations of a situation.

2. Ask for forgiveness when you’re wrong. In life, it is bound to happen that you are going to make a mistake and wrong someone. The best way to keep this from getting out of hand is to immediately ask for forgiveness once you realize you are in the wrong. People are drawn to true humility, and asking for forgiveness when you have wronged someone is the ultimate display of humility.

3. Give forgiveness, even if the other person doesn’t ask for it. It has been said that forgiveness only has value when it is given away, and it is the hardest thing to give because it’s always given to someone who doesn’t deserve it. But offering forgiveness in your heart will mend relationships faster than anything else.

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