The 5-Star Life: a balanced approach to winning in life

Far too often I’ve heard over the years from others that being successful in business means sacrificing in your personal life. Something has to give, they say, often because they chose to give up something in their own lives. When the demands of running a business or a sales team increased, other areas of their lives suffered all in the name of success, and they accepted it as a part of the process.

As much as I want success, what’s the point if other areas of my life – important areas I have to live with day in and day out – are a total mess? If that is the requirement for success, then success is for the birds.

But I think there is a better way. In fact, I’ve seen people live a better way, and it doesn’t require sacrificing areas of your life. On the contrary, it means ensuring all areas of your life are healthy, balanced and able to withstand the pressures of success. As your business grows, it will begin to reveal the areas of your life that are unhealthy, out of balance, and quite possibly heading for disaster.

This is because most people shoot for success at the detriment of their personal well-being, and what they usually end up with is some level of success in their professional life while losing their family, becoming overweight or forgetting their moral compass. This is not the life I want to end up with 5, 10 or 20 years down the road, and I have a inkling you might feel the same way.

Over my next five blog entries, I’m going to share the keys to living a 5-Star Life, so this is a great time to let your family and friends know about the Beta Leader Blog by sharing the blog with your Facebook or Twitter community, or email them today’s blog and encourage them to subscribe.

Success is not worth losing your life, and your life is too important to not be successful.

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