Personal growth is more about doing than knowing

I once heard of three friends who got together one day and came up with a goal of losing 30 pounds each and getting into great shape in 6 months. As they talked they were all very motivated and excited to get started, so the next morning, their journey began.

The first person really wanted to do it, but every morning when his alarm went off to get up and work out, he hit snooze and never made it out of bed in time to workout. The second person, upon hearing his alarm, got out of bed each morning, went downstairs, grabbed a donut and some chocolate milk, took a seat on the coach and began reading about eating healthy and the kind of exercises people do to get into shape. The third person, often before his alarm went off, jumped out of bed each morning, went downstairs and made a healthy breakfast and completed a simple 30 minute workout of pushups, pull-up, sit-ups, lunges, and stretching.

This is kind of a no-brainer, but which one do you think reached his goal?

When it comes to personal growth, there are three types of people in life: the lazy, learner, and the leader.

The lazy person always has an excuse for why it didn’t work out. The learner fills his mind up with knowledge, but never takes action. The leader understands that knowledge is a very small part of the equation, and nothing is ever accomplished without action.

One of my favorite Bible verses is James 1:22. It says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

I love how James uses the phrase “deceive yourselves”. If you spend time reading about lifting weights, it would be foolish to think you are any stronger, just because you read about it. Nothing changes until you lift a weight. Sadly, though, many people think they have accomplished something just because they read about it.

Most successful leaders will tell you that growing in any area of your life is 20% about what you know and 80% about what you do. So spend 20% of your time learning and 80% of your time doing, and you’ll accomplish much more than you thought possible.

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