Covey’s legacy: personal responsibility

In 1989, Stephen Covey introduced the world to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and quickly rose to prominence as an expert on leadership through personal development.  His books & seminars have led people to think & act differently and, as a result, reach new heights of success, both personally & professionally.  He was a husband, a father of nine, a grandfather of 44, and a teacher to all.

I did not know Stephen Covey, and I never had the opportunity to listen to him speak in person, but his life definitely impacted mine.  Through his books and videos, I have learned valuable lessons regarding time management, discipline & leadership that I have carried with me ever since.  As I reflected on what his legacy will be, I realized that all of us have the same opportunity to influence others that Mr. Covey had.  We live and breath, and we make choices every day.  It’s these choices that will determine what legacy we will have.  It’s these choices, both big and small, that will determine what impact our lives will have on others, quite possibly on people we will never meet.  It’s these choices that will determine who we will be.

The ability to choose what we will do & say is a powerful gift.  It means we have the ability to be whoever we want to be.  It also means we must take responsibility for who we become regardless of who that person is.

So the questions I’m left with today, and the questions I pose to you right now are these:  what legacy do we want to leave, what influence do we want to have, and are we making the choices today that will lead us to become the person we want to be tomorrow?

One thought on “Covey’s legacy: personal responsibility

  1. I began reading his books in high school and they definitely impacted me and changed the way I thought and the way I made decisions.

    there was a quote in the teen version that was something like why give up your soul for something temporary.

    that really changed the way I made decisions.

    Thank you for sharing this heartfelt post.

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