Reaching your goals is sometimes just a matter of perseverance

I have a dear friend who reached a milestone in his career today, and I am truly excited for him.

Now normally, I would be a little jealous or maybe even a little depressed at someone else’s success, wondering why it wasn’t happening to me.  However, there is nothing to wonder about in this case.  You see, I used to work at the same company with him, and our talents were very similar.   We were both often the top producers in the office, and we were viewed by others in the office as leaders – people to go to when you needed help or had a question.  We were both on the same trajectory for management, but something happened about eight months ago that changed everything.  I quit, and he kept going.

Don’t get me wrong, I had goals too, and I wanted to be in management and run my own office.  That would have been great!  But my friend, well…he wanted it more than anything else in his life, and his commitment to reaching his goals overwhelmed any disappointments, fears or failures he experienced.  In the tough times, instead of pouting or complaining, he just kept going, and he never lost sight of his goals.  Sometimes in life – no, often in life – reaching your goals is just a matter of perseverance.

As a wise consultant once said, “Those who persevere will become champions.”  My friend is truly a champion, and he is going to be an excellent manager running multiple offices across the country in the next 5-7 years.  I am truly excited for him, without reservation, because I know how hard he has worked and how committed he has been to reaching his goals.

Congratulations, my friend.  Well done.


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