Being the baby of the family is great

Being the baby of the family has its perks. Everybody tends to pick up after you because they don’t think you can do it, sometimes they even do your chores for you to make sure they get done the right way, and you usually get to do things earlier in life than your siblings did. Yeah, being the youngest was great, and the habits I learned as a kid…well, let’s just say, all too often they come back to bite me. Try this one on for size.

I recently put two members of my family in a difficult position because of some of these habits I casually revert back to every now and then. It all started when I didn’t pay attention to my sister, which is a classic youngest child characteristic. We were making plans for her to watch my two daughters for a couple days, and I failed to listen to the fact that she needed me to pick the girls up at a specific time so they could go out to dinner for their 17th anniversary. All I heard was to pick them up on Saturday, which was technically correct, but not even close to what she had said.

Add to that my assumption that their babysitter wouldn’t mind watching the girls until I arrived, and you have one big pile of irresponsibility, another classic character flaw of the baby in the family.

After my sister and brother-in-law graciously revealed the error in my steps, I was left to a common scenario: apologizing for my selfish and inconsiderate ways (which really only started when I reached adulthood), and humbly reminding myself I still have a lot of room for growth.

Yeah, being the youngest is really great.

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