Piles of poop

I am broken.

I am weak.

I am sinful.

I am human.

My thoughts lately have been filled with the depravity of the human condition. It’s not so much the realization that we are full of sin; it’s the fact that most people think they are good people. How foolish!

I’ve always enjoyed being around horses. It amazes me how much power horses have and how obedient they are. What’s even more potent is the amount of poop that comes out of one of those things. It’s always enjoyable to watch the passengers of a horse-drawn carriage cover their faces when the horse decides to drop a bomb mid-stride.

What does this have to do with spirituality and the depravity of man?

Every person’s life is like a big pile of poop. All of life is spent trying to disguise it as something else, preferably something better. Imagine spray-painting it, or putting scented candles next to it: although it might look or smell a little better than it did before, it’s still a pile of poop.

Many people spend the majority of their lives learning to disguise their sin, covering it up with success or charisma or something else that appears better or perfect. But at the end of the day, we are still sinful people, weak, broken, and in every way human.

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